Software Support & Maintanance

Need of Information Technology has become an integral part of businesses and most of the today′s companies are spending majority of their amounts on maintaining and supporting existing applications. As we have formed our company after dedicating our years in the IT industry and having known the industry from down below, we are here to offer preventive and corrective application maintenance services to our clients.

Affaan Technologies delivers software maintenance and support services that ensure that enterprise systems are up and running at optimum capacities and are totally defect free. Affaan Technologies' application maintenance and support solutions range from optimizing system capabilities and adding enhancements to detecting and fixing errors and transitioning to newer platforms.

Outsource your application software maintenance to us and optimize the functioning of your IT department.

Excellent Support

Whether you need additional support in terms of troubleshooting software anomalies or run into a bug that hinders your team from getting their work done in a timely fashion, our support team is standing by to lend a hand. We provide support services for a variety of organizations and applications, from small-to-medium businesses to major enterprises seeking to benefit from the cost savings achieved through offshore assistance.

Corrective Maintenance

We help you fix errors in your software system, be it logical errors, coding errors, or design errors. We look into any bug that may arise in your software algorithms, examining and testing it for problems such as design mistakes (confusing user interface, errors in the menus, and so on), errors in logic and fundamental problems in the code. We have years of experience troubleshooting poorly performing applications and can quickly resolve.

Adaptive Maintenance

With rigorous documentation and processes at the software development stage, we help you make the necessary modifications and revisions to your software for the ever changing needs of your business. Here is an overview of what we do - Data format change, Localization and regulation change, Hardware configuration change, Support Utility Modification, and Operating system integration.

Preventative Maintenance

Proactive & Preventive - that is how we define the efficiency of our services. Based on customer feedback & past incidents, we prepare your software for future requirements. It's far better to monitor how your software is functioning now & nip any emerging problems in the bud. We will fix your software, not just for your immediate needs, but to ensure that it will run properly going forward in future.

Perfective Maintenance

Software maintenance often involves monitoring the application & its ecosystem to strengthen the application before real problems arise. We may restructure the code in keeping with the latest industry standards, for example, make some minor modifications, delete sections, insert new code or otherwise make changes to enhance its functionality. Constant upkeep & special attention is needed to make the most of the technology for your business

On Call When You Need Us

Our exclusive Business Intelligence architecture & design service cater to companies of all sizes. We provide an overall Business Intelligence platform to meet both your business and technical requirements. We define the key metrics with the business users & performance indicators that are relevant to your business.