• Reduce your marketing & sales costs by atleast 20-25%
  • Reduce the returns and rejections by 8-10%
  • Feature & display unlimited products
  • Filter designs by Category, Sub-category, Gender, Season, Region, Stone Wt., Metal Wt., Stone Shape, Stone Setting, Description
  • Add designs to Client’s Selection & quote on-the-spot
  • Find nearby buyers and stores with live Google Maps
  • Let your Customers try-before-they-buy thru’ the Virtual Mirror
  • Allow to share the design image along-with the your company website URL onto the Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • RFID, POS bill printer Integration

An Innovative, Impressive & Cost-effective Business Model & Marketing / Sales Tool for every Jewellery Wholesaler, Retailer, Distributor, Manufacturer.

User Authentication & Data Security

Secured Login for every user.

Create and manage users on your own through the Admin Control Panel

Activate / Inactivate Users

Set access to your users


Design Catalog & Details

Display all your products and inventory, be it in any of your store or location

Filter products on Category, Sub-Category, Price, Gender, etc

Enlarge the product image for clearer view.

Display other related details such as Description, Karat, Metal Wt., Diamond Wt., Price, etc.

Let customer or salesperson add the product to Selection List for further Quotation Request or Order Confirmation

Let your customer share the product on their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email to show (promote) it to her relatives.

New Arrivals

Showcase and promote your new products

Prompt your customers to check with what new products are you with.

These “New Arrivals” can be set or removed anytime from the admin control panel.


Virtual Mirror (Let your customer Try-Before-They-Buy)

The augmented reality experience for your customers to virtually try-on the range of your jewellery without physical inventory.

Let customer take their own picture or upload or select from photo gallery and experience themselves.

Product selection, pinch-in/pinch-out customer image of product image.

Let your customer save or share her picture with the product on their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email to show (promote) it to her relatives.

Customer Selections (Quotation / Order Request)

Customers or salesperson can select designs to add it to their “Selection List”

The selected list can be compared, price-wise, quality-wise.

Customer can check with the summarized details of the products selected.

Quotation can be requested or Order can be booked directly. The email will go to all concerned persons along with the customer.


Store Locator / Customer Finder

List out your B2C retailing stores to facilitate you consumer find you.

Or update the list with your prospect customer world-wide to help you salesperson plan his sales trip.

Helps you increase your marketing targets while on sales trip, minimizing the time, costs and efforts.

Get the list and details of nearby retailers / clients while on travel, with live Google map.

Point of Sale (Payment Gateway / Invoice Printing)

Payment Gateway integration ready.

Can be integrated to your live POS / inventory software to check with the availability of the product.

Within the store or on field, your salesperson can sell directly by swiping or entering the customer’s credit card details, to make sales or book an order instantly.

Bluetooth invoice slip printer can be sync with the app to print the invoice and hand over to customer on the spot.


RFID / Barcode Integration

Scanning of any number of jewellery instantly saving the time, effort and costs.

Can help you in searching for a specific item from the inventory while in store, on sales tour or in exhibition.

Effective while stock taking, invoicing and all other operations where time is critical.

Online Admin Control Panel

A 100% cloud-based system, freeing you from the restraints of hardware and local installations.

Unlike traditional systems, this allows you to market your products and make sales from any computer with an Internet connection.

This access the same data as of iPad App, so you need not require to manage a different website all together.

Online application covers almost all the functionality as that of iPad app.