Enterprise Application Development

The increasing pace of innovation has shortened the life cycle of software products. Visionary companies are building their global engineering product development ecosystem to innovate and outdo competitors.

New technologies are sweeping the market as Information Technology industry witnesses heightened consolidation. Software products have become ubiquitous across industries. Utility based software technology like SaaS, cloud and mobile platforms are converging. Accelerated go to market for these solutions provides an early mover advantage and avoids wasting time and unnecessary spend in playing catch up.

In these changing dynamics of technology and industry, companies need to:

  • Minimize development time while supporting multiple software platforms, variants, and versions without compromising quality; adopt agile methodology to quickly adapt to the competition in the market
  • Deliver experience to customers by quickly embracing cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), mobility, and social media into their portfolio and deliver value add
  • Maximize customer opportunity by constantly innovating and extending new offerings to new markets or by augmenting product offerings with services

We built software, helping you outperform the competition, increase revenues, and automate mission-critical workflows.

Full Cycle Development

You have an idea that has to be implemented and delivered to the market. We will help you identify the required budget, assign the team and integrate it properly with your Product Management and Marketing teams.

Your In-house Team

You have already defined processes & a team, but would like to extend or optimize your current development capabilities. We analyze your existing processes to adjust our standard approach. We assign a team that may be scaled when required. The process is coordinated by a product development manager on the customer's side.

Project Rescue

You have a partially completed project. It requires to be finished under tight deadlines, while documentation may be incomplete or not available at all, some source code may be missing. We will analyze what you have, assess product completeness level realistically & provide you with a plan to finish your product.

QA and Testing

You require an independent QA & testing to verify the quality of your product. We provide a full cycle QA service. We normally work with your existing issue tracking systems or help you to establish one for efficient & transparent communication. We can cooperate with an in-house QA team or work directly with your development team.

Product Leadership

We identify Business Analysis in Software Development as a separate area of expertise, targeted to extend capabilities & facilitate your central efforts helping your IT Manager to scale properly & focus on the most critical things, without being overloaded by a information from other users.

Global Delivery

We have delivery centers in the India, GCC, USA and UK. Such a distributed, but flat & flexible organization structure enables close communication between your team & the our team while improving its efficiency & avoiding the complexities of direct management of remote development & QA teams.

Focus on Product Quality

All product quality assurance functions are handled by an independent QA department whose sole mission is the quality of your product. Independence from the development team guarantees that you always get right quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.

IP Protection

We have a strong focus on a service-based business model. This is one of the principal points we are building our work around & is designed & implemented to protect our clients. Strong corporate policies, standards & infrastructure protect client IP from being used by anybody else, including other teams.