Build strong connections with your customers

  • Easily update content on digital signs from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Take advantage of day-part scheduling to show different promotions.
  • Allow you to upsell and promote special items with strategic integration.
  • Promote faster and across multiple locations
  • Greatly affect purchases and sales promotions
  • Make promotions and products more appealing to the consumer
  • Create loyalty by providing a unique customer experience.
  • Build a relationship with the customer
  • Make the brand stand out.

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Customer Engagement

Customer attraction and retention rates jump almost immediately in response to dynamic digital media. In retail environments, it is reported that digital media drives traffic and increases revenues. The ability to provide relevant messaging, entertaining content, and highly engaging multimedia makes digital signage more compelling to customers.


The WOW Factor

In the past, digital signage was the domain of high-end luxury brands and big-dollar venues, but today it's more accessible than ever for businesses of all sizes and budgets. eDigiboard is modern, high-tech and "cool". Even a modest digital signage installation – for example, a single small-screen display on a retail shelf or countertop – can affect a consumer's impression that results in an uptick in sales.

Influence Purchase Decisions

Instead of waiting for your customers to purchase a particular item, you can effectively merchandise and cross-merchandise throughout your store. When you take into account that most decisions are made in store, a digital display that uses a combination of high quality images and video can have a powerful influence on buying decisions.


Web Connectivity

eDigiBoard is an innovative & cost-effective cloud based application to establish a network of connected devices, bringing retail stores into the IoT (Internet of Things) & offer an experiental, scalable & instantly updatable alternative.

Content Management System (Admin Dashboard)

A simple to use, powerful web-based solution for creating digital boards & publish them to a single display or to many displays anywhere in the world.

Content Management - Cloud based CMS to manage promotions.

Flexible Scheduling - Schedule promotions daily, weekly & monthly basis.

User Management - Create multiple users with different access levels for stores.

Store Segmentation - Define & integrate multiple Stores as a group in CMS.

Operational Management - Plug-n-Play Solution. No intervention once wi-fi is connected.