Business Consultancy

Connect. Strategise. Globalise.

We provide management & strategic advisory service that takes a hands-on approach to linking business opportunities with marketplace needs throughout the GCC & India. Our professionalism & experience are securely rooted in 15+ years of international marketing, retail, import/export, global sourcing, business development, & cross cultural communication. We are adept at turning innovative vision & strategy into tactical plans that help new & established businesses grow & flourish. We leverage our significant breadth & depth of experience to quickly assess & deploy the right solutions & services customized to each client's needs.

We guide executives & entrepreneurs as they navigate the ins-and-outs of a new business environment, supporting them with everything from new business setups, daily operations & regulatory requirements, to product distribution & cultural distinctions. With a strong network & professional ties, we help our clients uncover the right fit for new business growth, including mergers, acquisitions & joint ventures, as well as product & service development & niche specialty markets.

Strategy & Planning

With our superior capabilities, we help our clients in every industry develop & deliver winning strategies. We work collaboratively, build lasting capabilities into your team & help your organization mobilize for change.

Legal Business Formation

Setting up business can be a challenge here in the UAE with so many jurisdictions & types of licenses available. We understand the need of the client & advise the best solution as per thier requirement & budget.

Business Development

Our business development services target the key areas that drive business growth including operations, finance, research & sales. Our service delivery is bespoke to each client’s business challenges, opportunities & objectives.

Vendor Selection

We clears the clutter & helps you find the best suppliers for your business. We propose creative outsourcing strategies that give you the most options & the greatest opportunity for long-term profitability & outsourcing strategies.

Believe, your actions can take you to the pinnacle.


Startup & Growth

Starting a new business comes with a vast amount of steps. These are steps, which have to be not just taken but also known about in advance. As an investor & entrepreneur many of these can be paralyzing, cause inertia, & not allow for forward movement. Business startups hire consultants to help them with the early steps of an enterprise.

To help organizations & people who are behind so many startup businesses, consultants offer unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight & practical solutions.

We support the analysis & planning for our clients to identify strategic options that strengthen their business development overseas, evaluate their opportunities & implement their chosen internationalization path.

Product Market Feasibility

You have a business idea & want to know if it is feasible, be it a product or service. A feasibility study will provide you with the discipline & insight to reassure yourself that your idea is worthwhile pursuing. Furthermore, if you need to finance the business, lending institutions & investors, typically require a feasibility study. The feasibility study evaluates the project's potential for success.

A business feasibility study is just what it sounds like: a systematic study to understand whether or not a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible. The ultimate outcome of any feasibiliy study is a go / no go decision. You either move forward or you don't.

We works closely with clients to create action plans for executing upon them. From developing realistic operational timelines to detailed human resource plans, we create a comprehensive roadmap for clients to follow in order to be successful.


Business Development

We are a highly experienced team of growth strategists, business developers & communications managers that deliver innovative, multi-channel new business campaigns. We work with you to develop a clearly defined proposition, & then devise & deliver a growth plan that generates new clients through building your profile & credibility in your target markets.

Business development consulting is something we do as an integral part of all the work we carry out. This includes the way your customer see you, use your products / services, how easy it is for your customers to purchase your products or consume your services and plenty more.

We also have extensive experience in digital media, brand partnerships marketing and other new channels to market.

Market Research

Market knowledge is essential to business success. Market dynamics are moving faster than ever. Consumer behaviour has never been more complicated to track.

We provide the most detailed market segmentation in the industry with in-depth analysis of profiles of key market players providing a competitive landscape and a high level analysis of major market segments and identification of opportunities.

We offer Market Estimates & Forecasts, Opportunity Analysis, Entry Strategies, Market Positioning, Competitive Landscape and Positioning, Product Positioning, Market Assessment & Feasibility Studies.


Operational Strategy

We assess the current status of internal procedures and strategies, and enhance the overall operation of the company. We begin the evaluation process by examining the workflow structure of the business and provide advisory and/or implementation services that improve an organisation's value chain.

By assisting organizations and operations with business strategies, we deliver bottom-line results quickly and help our clients save costs through enhanced efficiency.

We are pragmatic and flexible to ensure our clients generate quick wins in the short-term while setting the foundation for long-term sustainable improvement.