Our Values

The values that guide our business, our product, and our brand.
As our company continues to evolve and grow, these values remain unchanged.

Ensure Customer Success

For us, customer success is more important than just customer satisfaction and we are passionate about being successful – for our customers.

Focus on Results

We believe that we are accountable to our customers to yeild results. We see it as our most important responsibility.

Strive for Excellence

We strive to achieve an atmosphere of innovation and ideas that makes a difference for our employees, customers and shareholders.

Affaan Technologies is a Global Information Technology Services company. It has been created with the sole objective to design, build and operate information systems and services for customers', spread over a spectrum of individual and commercial needs. Affaan believes that our customers are our most important associates, and their success is our top most priority. Because of this, Affaan provides the utmost in professional IT related services for businesses in every scope and nature. Our extensive pool of talent allow us to pull the best of the best for our customers to provide business solutions to their business problems.

Affaan's values of integrity, quality and professionalism have been pervasive from the beginning, and all decisions reflect their importance. Commitment, engineering excellence, project management, and care for the intellectual property of our clients are the cornerstones of Affaan.

Affaan's management style is informal, people-oriented and participative. An honest and communicative approach is practiced. The management team is always searching for new ways to help employees, clients, and the company reach new heights of success.

With the rapid advances that technology makes on an almost daily basis, companies struggle to keep up with the competition and revenue pressures. Increasingly they seek out providers capable of offering completely integrated solutions, solutions that integrate across all customer inter-action points while leveraging a single platform to reduce and simplify costs that can meet increasingly shrinking budgets. Affaan Technology works hard to ensure their favoured client-base reaps the benefits of integrated technology applications.